Dalton Romão

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dalton-sobremim Unsettling images

The images created by Dalton Romão bring a visual interpretation of the world.
The way the artist articulates several elements establishes a panel of the contemporary universe, in which the color and overlap of elements are essential to create relationships between each person and the whole.

His creative process is precisely in the use of free use photos, cutouts, strokes, drawings, vectors and strokes transformed and amalgamated in the computer. A printed matrix appears. It is digital art that incorporates several facets of the creative process of other techniques.

The essencial is in the result. The images approximate what can be found on the streets, a quality graphite in which the visual noise of the rude walls are incorporated into the whole. From the seemingly chaotic dionysian composition, the apolonium emerges that forces us to rethink as individuals and as members of
a society.

The internal mobilization that Dalton Romão generates is his greatest merit. His works seduce by the intensity of color and composition. A kind of visual literacy of its own is proposed, which mixes the human figure with the force of abstraction. It is a complex agglutination of stimulating challenges, which creates charm and restlessness.

Oscar D’Ambrosio holds a PhD in Education, Arts and History of Culture from Mackenzie University and a Master’s in Visual Arts
from the Unesp Institute of Arts.

Individual Exhibitions
• Pictures that disturb – Bhering Factory – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Fragments of Memories – Botanical Garden Art Circuit – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

Collective Exhibitions
• Angels Art Gallery – Shopping Atlantic Casino – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Banco República Espacio Uruguay – São Paulo / SP
• Eixo Arte, Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Article Rio, Vogue Square Barra, Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• 31st Traveling Exhibition “The Amazon is Our”, São Paulo / SP
• Gallery Tides & Colors – Búzios / RJ
• Temple of Art, Ipiranga – São Paulo / SP
• Ateliê Belmonte – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

Art Halls
• Rio, Olympic and Paralympic Rio SBBA – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Salão de Arte Contemporânea da SBBA – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Hall of the Marines – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

• Gold medal at the Rio, Olympic and Paralympic Rio Hall of SBBA.
• Gold Medal at the SBBA Contemporary Art Hall – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
• Gold Medal at the Hall of the Marine Marines – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

• D & A Magazine (pages 60/67) https://issuu.com/revistadea/docs/dea46_